Battery Crush Nail Penetration Tester

Test the battery under certain conditions by the crush and nail penetration to verify the safety performance of the battery.


Battery Crush Nail Penetration Tester Application

DGBELL’s battery crush nail penetration tester is used to simulate the use, transportation, storage, and disposal of various types of batteries under certain temperature conditions when the battery is crushed (such as compacted garbage) or nail penetration, and to judge the battery safety performance. The battery is qualified as no disintegration, no rupture, and no fire.



  • UL 2580


Technical Parameters

Pressure (T)2050
Crush methodVerticalHorizontal
ChamberIndependent vertical structure and control systemIndependent horizontal structure and control system
Test SpaceW600 X D600 X H400mmW1000 X D1000 X H1000mm
Overall DimensionsW1300 X D870 X H2100mmW3860 X D1230 X H2300mm
Power SupplyAC380V 50HZ
Crush speed1~400mm/min(Adjustable)
Nail Penetration Speed1~40mm/s
Test MethodForce and displacement (deformation), voltage, or a combination of these three
Control MethodComputer remote Control, force, displacement, total voltage or single voltage can be completed independently or combine as control variable ,the test will be stopped when any condition reaches the set value.
Drive ModeElectro-hydraulic servo
Crush Accuracy±0.5%
Nail Penetration Accuracy±1mm/s
Crush Deformation0~100% multi-gears set, multi-layer crush deformation loading available
Crush FixtureSpecial-shaped crush head (300X150mm), Flat crush plate , Arc crush plate (Radius 75mm),fixtures in different size according to different standards
Data Acquisition ModuleIndependent remote collection and isolation ,Multiplex voltage, temperature, current acquisition channel, ensure the data correctly , Acquisition frequency 100HZ
Safety Alarm DeviceElectrical leakage, over voltage, overload and over temperature, over current protection, abnormal sound and light alarm, smoke alarm lamp, etc
Safety DeviceVideo monitoring system, safety explosion protection system, smoke, smoke alarm devices, explosion-proof lighting, etc
Standard ConfigurationCrush penetration test machine, computer control cabinet, control software, the voltage current temperature acquisition system, crush fixture, video monitoring system, fire extinguishing system, computer, etc. Each 1 set