Battery Internal Short Circuit Test Chamber ( ISC )


Test requirements

  • IEC 62133-2017

Performance parameters

Temperature Chamber Technical ParametersTemperature Range-10℃ ~ +80℃(Controllable)
Temperature Rising RateAve.3℃/min(-10℃ to 80℃、Nonlinear No-load)
Temperature Cooling RateAve.1℃/min(80℃ to 10℃、Nonlinear No-load)
Inner Chamber DimensionW600 X H750 X D500 MM
External Chamber DimensionW1170 X H1850 X D1020MM
Inner Chamber MaterialStainless steel with mirror-finish, bottom reinforcement
External Chamber MaterialCold-Rolled Steel with paint-baked coating
Observation WindowThe single-opening door is accompanied by a 3-layer vacuum large glass observation window (W430mm x H 580mm); The door frame is equipped with electric heating (automatic adjustment) anti-frost, anti-condensation device; so that you can clearly observe the Test status of the test sample in the box through the observation window at any time.
Internal Short Circuit Technical ParametersMax. Loading200KG
Force Accuracy≤0.5%
Displacement resolution1/1000
Accuracy of displacement≤0.5%
Speed Range0.01-5MM/S
Effective Range0 ~ 200mm
Max. Test Area300X300MM (Can be customized)
Voltage Range0—60V
Voltage Resolution5mV
Voltage Acquisition Frequency100HZ
Control SystemServo motor + Servo control system
Safety ProtectionExplosion-proof pressure relief device, smoke exhaust device, fire extinguishing system, electronic door lock system, safety stop switch