Battery Pack Drop Tester

Relevant standards requirement:

  1. Test object: battery pack and system
  2. Test procedure: The test object is most likely to fall in the direction of actual maintenance or installation. If it is not possible to determine the most likely fall direction, fall in the Z-axis direction, and the battery pack will fall from the height of 1 m to the concrete floor and observe for 2 hours.
  3. Accept standard: The battery pack or system has no electrolyte leakage, fire nor explosion.



  • UL 2580


Technical Parameters

Product NameBattery Pack Drop Tester
Drop Height500~1500mm500~2000mm
Displacement Accuracy±5mm
Max. Test SpaceW3000×D2000×H1000mm(can be customized)
Max. Load1000KG or more
Control ModePLC+Touch screen adjustment with computer remote control
Testing MethodFace,corner dropping
Drop Floor MaterialCement floor surrounded with channel steel
Overall DimensionW4500 X D2500 X H2700mm
Machine WeightApprox 5000KG
Power SupplyAC 380V Three Phase, 4.5KW
Other RequirementExplosion-proof device
Lighting system
Video monitoring system
Strong smoke exhaust system
Misoperation-proof system