Cell Battery Crush Test Equipment (Vertical)

  • Application: Single cell crush test (cylinder, pouch, prismatic cell, etc)
  • Crush Tool: Semi-cylinder, hemisphere (According to test standard)


Vertical Battery Crush Test Equipment Main Features

  1. Available for High Speed Penetration, up to 200mm/second. (Patented Technology)
  2. High Precision Process: Electrical Servo Drive (Pressure≤10 Tons), Electro-hydraulic Servo Drive (Pressure>10 Tons)
  3. Control & Acquisition: Unique integral real-time data acquisition, all data display in one control dashboard, precise control during the entire process.
  4. Monitor System: Hydraulic Oil temperature monitoring, ensure equipment safety during the crushing test even explosion occurred.
  5. Remote Control: PC remote control up to 10 meters, ensure operator safety.


  • UL 2580
  • ECE R100


Technical Parameters

StructureVertical TypeVertical Type
Crush MethodVerticalVertical
ChamberIndependent vertical test machine and control systemIndependent vertical  test machine and control system
Testing SpaceW600 X D600 X H400mmW600 X D600 X H400mm
Overall DimensionW1300 X D800 X H2100mm
Power SourceAC380V 50HZ
Crush Speed1~400mm/min(Controllable)
Test ConditionForce, displacement(deformation), voltage, one of  three of combined
Control MethodComputer remote Control
Drive MethodElectro hydraulic servo
Crush Accuracy±0.5%
Crush Deformation0~100% multi gear set ,available for multi layer crush deformation
Main voltage acquisition channel1 channel
Crush FixtureHalf cylinder crush head with radius 75mm,fixtures in different size upon different standards
Data Acquisition ModuleIndependent remote sampling, multi voltage, temperature, current acquisition channel(optional); Acquistion frequency 100Hz
Safety Alarm DeviceElectrical leakage, over temperature, over voltage, over loading, over current protection, abnormal sound light alarm, smoke alarm etc.
Safety DeviceCamera monitoring system, safety and explosion protection system, smoke emission system, smoke alarm device, explosion proof lighting device, etc.
Standard ConfigurationCrush machine, computer cabinet, control software, voltage current temperature sampling system, crush fixture, camera monitoring system, fire- extinguishing system, computer