Temperature Control Battery Short Circuit Test Chamber

The temperature control battery short circuit test chamber is designed to comply with the standard. According to the short-circuit test requirement, the short-circuit must be less than 5 mΩ to achieve maximum current.



  1. Battery large current short-circuit machine is designed to comply with the standard;
  2. According to the short-circuit test requirement, the short-circuit must be less than 5 mΩ to achieve maximum current;
  3. Load-bearing capacity must be designed in the electrical system for short-circuit system; Thus, the Bell’s team selects industrial DC magnetic contact with the full copper terminal and internal copper current conduction, and internal active bead axial fan is mounted to cool to ensure the test system safer and reduce the test machine power consumption and enable the test data inaccuracy.
  4. Test judgment standards: no flame or explosion after battery short-circuit test.

Test requirements

  • IEC 62133-2017
  • UL 1642
  • UN 38.3

Performance parameters

StructureAll-in-one structure, the door uses explosion-proof lock and explosion-proof chain
Max. short-circuit current1000A
Internal Resistance80±20 mΩ (Load-current 400A)
Remote Control Available Distance7 meters without solid barrier
Controlling ModePLC touch type (7 inch) + remote control
Mechanical Life300 thousand times
Electric LifeResistive load 50,000 times
Temperature RangeNormal temperature to 80°C or 0-80°C (Optional)
Temperature Fluctuation±1℃
Temperature Deviation±2℃
Inner Chamber DimensionW600  X D500  X H600mm
Inner Chamber Material1.0mm thickness 304# stainless steel
External Chamber DimensionW940XD780XH1620 mm
External Chamber MaterialCold-rolled sheet paint with1.5mm thickness, total thickness together with inner chamber is 100mm)
Observation Window390 X 360mm (20mm thick explosion-proof tempered glass) and protective steel mesh
Power SupplyAC220V / 3.0KW
Data OutputCurrent and voltage temperature can be recorded with the interface display. The test data can be directly output by USB flash disk
Security SystemExplosion-proof pressure relief device, smoke exhaust device, fire extinguishing system, electronic door lock system, safety stop switch
OptionsTemperature acquisition, voltage acquisition system, video monitoring system