External Fire Exposure Test Machine

The external fire exposure test machine is applicable to the standard ECE R100 and UL 2580.


External Fire Exposure Test Machine Standard

  • UL 2580
  • ECE R100


Relative Standard test requirements

  1. Test Object: Battery pack and system.
  2. The test ambient temperature should be above 0 ℃, wind speed is not more than 2.5 km/h, and the SOC requirement of the battery pack is more than 50%.
  3. In the test, the size of the Flat plate with gasoline should exceed the horizontal size of the test object by 20 cm, no more than 50 cm. The height of the Flat plate should no more than 8 cm above the gasoline. The test object should be placed in the middle. The distance between the gasoline level and the test object is set to 50 cm. Inject water to the bottom of the Flat-plate before testing. The external burning diagram is shown in the graph.

  • Test Phase 1: Preheat.

Ignite the gasoline at least 3m away from the test object, and after 60 seconds of preheating, put the gasoline plate below the test device. If the gasoline flat plate size is too large to move, you can use the way of moving the test object and rack.

  • Test Phase 2: Direct burning.

The test object is directly exposed to the flame for 70 seconds.

  • Test Phase 3: Indirect burning.

Cover the gasoline plate with refractory baffles. Keep the test object in this condition for 60 seconds. Alternatively, by mutual consent, the test object continues to be exposed directly to the flame for another 60 seconds. The refractory baffles are made of standard refractory bricks. The sieve hole size is shown in the figure below. Refractory can also be made with reference to this size.


External Fire Exposure Test Machine


  • Test Phase 4: Leave the fire source.

Remove the gasoline plate or test object. Then observe for 2h or when the test object exterior temperature drops below 45°C.


Technical Parameters

Product NameExternal Fire Exposure Test Machine
Test SpaceW1500 X D2500 X H800mmW2000 X D3000 X H1000mm
Equipment DimensionW7500 X D3700 X H960mmW8500 X D4200 X H960mm
Movable RackW1500 X D3000 mmW2200 X D3200 mm
Max. Load1000KG (2000KG,3000KG can be customized)
Object Holder Moving Speed6000mm/min (Adjustable)
Refractory Rack Moving Speed6000mm/min (Adjustable)
Control SystemPLC touch screen close control + computer remote control
Ignition ModeAutomatic high pressure pack ignition
Distance Between Burning Plate and gasolineThe distance between the gasoline and the test object can be adjusted within the range of 450cm~550mm. The defaulted 500mm; the bottom of the gasoline plate is filled with water.
Refractory Brick SizeIn accordance with the standard of ECER100, Refractory Brick Size 240mm*120mm*70mm.
Gasoline Plate Size3 gasoline plates-can be changed easily according to the test object size. the height of gasoline plate is no more than 80cm from the gasoline level
Power SupplyAC 380V,7.0KWAC 380V,8.0KW
WeightApprox 3.5 TonsApprox 4.0 Tons
Other requirementsThe ignition area of gasoline plate can be adjusted according to requirements.

Automatic gasoline filling.

Remote control.

Electrical ignition according to test requirements.

The video monitoring system, lighting system.




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