High Current External Short Circuit Test Device

Application: Battery Module, Battery Pack, Battery System short circuit.

Short Circuit Mode: Pneumatic drive contact + Vacuum Interrupter



Battery Short Circuit Test Device Application

Relevant standards requirement

1. Test object: battery pack and system

2. Test conditions:

  • The test temperature should be at 20±10℃or higher. (According to the battery system manufacturer’s request).
  • All protective devices that affect the function of the test objects and related to the test results shall be in normal operation when the test starts.

3. The main contactors used for charging and discharging should be closed to indicate the feasible vehicle mode and the mode of allowing external charging. If is it not available to be completed in one single test, process two or more tests.

4. The positive and negative terminals of the test object being connected to each other to create a short circuit. The resistance of the connection (including wiring) used to create short circuit should not exceeding 5mΩ.

5. Keep short circuit until any of the following conditions are met and the test is completed.

  • The protective function of the test object works and the short circuit current is terminated.
  • After the temperature of the test object’s shell is stable (the temperature gradient is less than 4℃within 2h), the short circuit will continue for at least 1h.

6. After testing, observe for 2h under room temperature.


Main Features

  • Vacuum Interruption, avoid electric arc to occur damage of contactor.
  • Oxidation resistance condition of the main contact parts, ensure long operation time for high current and resistance.
  • Data Acquisition: Temperature, voltage and current acquisition channels (Available for multi-channels.)
  • Control Mode: Touch screen control + computer remote control + Remote controller.


Battery Short Circuit Test Device Standard

  • UL 2580
  • ECE R100


Technical Parameters

Product NameHigh Current External Short circuit Test Device
Max. Operating Current10000A16000A
Max. Transient Current12000A16000A
Temp. RangeAmbient Temperature
Inner Resistance<1mΩ, <5mΩ, <10mΩ, <20mΩ, <50mΩ,<100mΩ (Optional)
Control ModeClose PLC touch screen control + computer remote control + remote control
External DimensionW700xD1050xH1830mmW700xD1050xH1830mm
Explosion-proof Cabinet DimensionW2000xD3000xH2000mm (Option)
Voltage Measurement Range0~1000V
Short Circuit Response Time≦20ms
Data InterfaceUSB, Data card, etc…
Safety deviceVideo monitor system, explosion protection system, smoke exhaust system, smoke alarm device, explosion proof lighting device, etc.
Data Acquisition ModuleIndependent remote acquisition and quarantine, multi-voltage/temperature/current acquisition channels ensure data accuracy. Acquisition frequency 100HZ
Short Circuit MethodPneumatic + vacuum arc extinguishing
Safety Alarm deviceElectric leakage, over-current protection, abnormal sound-light alarm, smoke alarm, dual protection system, etc.
Testing FixtureCustomize according to actual testing condition