Walk in Chamber for Rapid Rate Temperature / Humidity Test


Relevant standards requirement

Temperature shock

  1. Test Object: Battery storage pack or system.
  2. Li-ion battery pack or system placed in (-40±2) ℃~ (85±2) ℃ alternation temperature, the conversion time of two extreme temperatures is less than 30 minutes. Place the test objects into each extreme temperature keeps 8h, test 5 cycles.
  3. Observe for 2 hours under the room temperature after testing,


Humidity & Temperature Cycling

  1. Test Object: Battery storage pack or system.
  2. Refer to the GB/T2423.4 Test Db, variable refer the Graph 4, the highest temperature is +80℃, 5 cycles. Observe for 2h under room temperature.


Y1: Relative humidity %RH;    Y2: Temperature, ℃;       X: Time, h;

a: end of the heating;      b: cooling start;

c: recommended temperature and humidity values;

d: condensation;         e: desiccation;        f: 1 cycle.



  • UL 2580


Technical Parameters

Product NameRapid temperature change rate (damp-heat) Test Chamber
Internal DimensionW2000 X D3000 X H2000mm
External DimensionW2400 X D4500 X H2940mm
Temperature Range-50℃ ~ +150℃ (Adjustable)
Humidity Range20%RH-98%RH (Limit temperature section, see the regional figure )

Temperature Fluctuation±0.5℃
Humidity Fluctuation±2.0%RH
Temperature Deviation2.0℃
Humidity DeviationA) >75%RH: ≤+2, -3%RH, B) <75%RH: ≤±5%RH.
Heating Rate≧5℃/min (From -40℃ up to +80℃, No load)
Cooling Rate≧5℃/min (From -40℃ up to +80℃, No load)
Temperature overshoot≤±2℃
WeightApprox 5 Tons
Power SupplyAC 380V, 50HZ, 127KW
Noise≤70dB (A-Level)
External MaterialGalvanized sheet with high temperature electrostatic resin coating at both sides.
Internal Material1.2 mm thickness SUS# 304 heat and cold resistant stainless steel with seal welding.
Controller24-bit high accuracy 7 inch TFT true colors LCD touch screen.

CompressorSemi-Hermetic Compressors BOCK / BITZER (Germany)
Cooling TypeAir cooling or water cooling (Optional)
Other RequirementMain-subsidiary type trolley for the specimen in and out of the test chamber.

Explosion-proof lighting system.

Explosion-proof pressure relief system.

Smoke exhaust system.

Automatic Water Supply System.

Fire extinguishing device; spray device; smoke alarm device;