Sea Water Immersion Test Device

Relevant standards requirement:

  1. Test Object: Battery storage pack or system.
  2. The test object connects all the wiring harness, connector and other parts according to the whole vehicle connection mode. Select one of the following two methods to operate test at the room temperature.
  • Immerse the test objects (in the direction of real vehicle assembling) into 3.5% NaCl solution (mass fraction, simulated under normal temperature water composition) for 2 hours. The water depth is to be sufficient to completely submerge the test objects.
  • Test objects according to GB/T4208-2017 part 14.2.7 test method and test process.




  • UL 2580


Technical Parameters

Product NameSea Water Immersion Test Device
Water Tank Internal DimensionW3500 X D2500 X H1200mm (can be customized)
Space OccupationW6000 X D5000 X H5000mm
Single CraneCantilever Lifting, Rotatable, Multi-dimensional Lifting
Travelling CraneTraveling crane can move up/down and move forward/backward. It is easy to install the test object.
Lifting beltFor immobilizing the test object when lifting
Water Tank MaterialPP plate(Insulation and corrosion resistance) Or directly digging a pool on the ground, concrete casting structure, and paste bright colored tiles.
Max Load1000KG (can be customized)
Equipment WeightApprox 3.5 Tons
Power SupplyAC 380V, 7.0KW
Other requirementsAutomatic filling and draining water system.*Brine mixing system.

On-line monitoring of brine concentration, manual addition of salt, automatic detection of concentration.

PLC touch screen control + Computer remote control system.

The video monitoring system, Lighting system.