Walk in chamber for Complex Salt Spray Test (Temperature controllable)

Relevant standards requirement

  1. Test Object: battery pack andsystem.
  2. Refer GB/T4 part 5.5.2 test method, test according to GT/T2423.17 test conditions.
  3. The salt solution was made up with sodium chloride (chemically pure and analytically pure) and distilled or deionized water,Its concentration is (5 + 1)% (mass fraction).
  4. (35 ± 2) ℃, the measured pH value is between 6.5-7.2.
  5. Placed the test objects in the salt spray chamber for cycling test. Each cycling duration for 24h. Spray salt solution to the test object for 8 hours under the temperature of (35± 2) ℃ , remain for 16 hours. Between the forth and the fifth hour in one cycles should be according to test requirement in GB/T 28046.1-2011, test mode with 3.2.
  6. Total 6 cycles testing.
  7. Salt spray test is not necessary for the test objects being installed in passenger, luggage or cargo compartments.



  • UL 2580


Technical Parameters

Product NameComplex Salt Spray Test Chamber
Model No.BE-8209-12m³BE-8209-15m³
Internal DimensionW2000 X D3000 X H2000 mmW2500 X D3000 X H2000 mm
External DimensionW2400 X D5000 X H3000 mmW2900 X D5000 X H3000 mm
Max Load1000KG for battery pack
Temp. Range0℃~+85℃
Temp. Fluctuation±0.5℃
Temp. Deviation2℃
Spray Capacity1~2mL/80cm2/hr (Collect at least 16 hours, take the average )
Spray Pressure1.00±0.01kgf/cm²
ResolutionTemp: 0.01℃, Humidity:0.01%R.H.
Humidity Range30%–98%R.H.

Humidity Fluctuation±3%R.H.
Potion PHNeutral 6.0~7.0      Acidity 3.0~3.1
Spray Solution PHNeutral 6.5~7.2    Acidity 3.1~3.3
Test Time Range1S ~ 9999H  (Settable)
Control ModeTouch screen programmable control PLC, networking; mobile phone APP alarm; with USB interface, with RJ485 interface can be connected to computer control, exclusive network control software. Remote monitoring and data acquisition.
Internal materialAcid and alkali resistant SUS316 material
External materialCold and heat resistant steel plate with spray coating
Cooling ModeAir cooling / water cooling
Total WeightApprox 7 Tons
Power SupplyAC 380V, 55KW
Other Auxiliary Functions*Main-subsidiary type trolley for the specimen in and out of the test chamber.*Explosion-proof, Pressure relief, Smoke Exhaust, Fire extinguishing, Video monitoring.