Burn-in Environmental Test Chamber

DGBELL’s Burn-in Chamber (also called the temperature aging test chamber) is widely applied for automotive parts, electronic and electric products, components and materials by constant high-temperature reliability tests.


Burn-in Chamber Application

DGBELL’s Burn-in Chambers are widely applied for automotive parts, electronic and electric products, components and materials by constant high temperature reliability test. It can also be used for other objects that need to be tested for high temperatures, such as drugs, airplanes, etc. Our burn-in test chamber can be customized according to your requirements, if you have special needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Burn-in Chamber Advantage

  1. SUS#304 high temperature resistant stainless steel
  2. Fire-resistant, high strength glass fiber thermal insulation material
  3. Control system and control circuit all introduced with the famous brand
  4. Double sides cold-rolled plate electrostatic powder-coated material



  • IEC 60068-2-2:2007


Performance parameters

Test Space800x800x8001000x1000x1000
W x H x D(mm)
External Dimension1160x1640x9601360x1840x1160
W x H x D(mm)
Test Bench Speed(rpm)1-5 (Adjustable)
Turntable Diameterφ 300mm
Turntable Load20KG
Intermittent be Caught in Time15min/25min
Speed5-10 s/rpm
Water Ring Radius375mm,pipe diameter Φ16mm
Nozzle Jet angle40°,90°,135°fix direction, water spray towards rotary center.
Each Spray Hole Flow100±5 L/min(adjustable),flow display direct reading.
Water Spray Pressure200-400, a pressure gauge directly reading,
Test Time1-999,999min(adjustable)
Safety ProtectionPower overload, short circuit protection, earthling protection, water protection and alarm-ring tip.



DisplayTFT LCD
InputCompatible for wet-dry bulbs PT100 (T/C, RTD, DCV)
Accuracy0.01% high precision sampling
System Capacity10 programs, 100 segments for each program
Operating ModeFixed value/ Programmable running mode
Output MethodPID+SSR/SCR automatic bidirectional synchronous output
Start pre-setEquipment starting can be pre-set.
Communication Interfacecompatible with protocols (RS485, Modbus, etc.)


Construction Details

DGBELL panelIn the test panel of the burn-in test chamber, you can enter the parameters you need here.
DGBELL specimen shelvesThe test rack is used to place the samples. There are many small round holes on the inner wall of the chamber, which are used for the left and right air supply so that the temperature in each corner of the chamber is the same.
DGBELL Test PortThe test hole is used to connect external equipment. If you need to test the temperature of the sample inside, you need to probe into the thermometer from the outside, then you can go in through this hole. If you don’t need this hole, just plug this test hole.
DGBELL VentsThe heat dissipation hole is used to exchange with the outside air to adjust the temperature of the inner chamber.


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