Walk in Chamber for Sand Dust-proof Test

Walk in dust-proof test chamber provide a simulated sand blowing and dusting environment. It can continuous operation for a long time without failure.



  1. Providing a simulated environmental of dry sand blowing and dust emission.
  2. Long time and continuous running without fault.
  3. Ensure a certain amount of dust blowing, dust blowing speed, dust blowing time and automatically set.
  4. With dust dehumidifying and controlling the temperature and humidity of the inner environment.
  5. Ensure the whole test is recyclable.
  6. Perfect safety protection function.



  • IEC 60529:2001 / GB 4208-2008 of protection provided by enclosure (IP code)
  • IEC 60034-5:2000 / GB/T 4942.1-2006 Rotating electrical machines – Part 5: Degree of protection provided by the integral design of rotating electrical machines (IP code) – Classification, IDT
  • IEC 60068-2-68:1994 / GB/T 2423.37-2006 Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests – Test L: Dust and sand IDT
  • IEC 20068-1:1988 / GB/T 2421-2008 Environmental testing – Part1: General and guidance, IDT
  • IEC 60068-5-2:1990 / GB/T 2422-2012 Environmental testing – Part 5: Guide to the drafting of test methods – Terms and definitions, IDT


Technical Parameters

Product NameWalk in Dust-proof Test Chamber
Internal DimensionW2000 X H2400 X D3000mm
External DimensionW2400 X H3000 X D4100mm
Max. Load≥1000KG,equipped with sample holder which able to moved on the guide rail
Observe window5mm tempered glass with a large size 500mm*500mm, sand dust cleaner, and lighting.
Internal Material1.0mm SUS304# heat resistant and cold resistant stainless steel plate. (Mirror finished).
External Material1.2mm cool-rolled steel plate with high temperature coating.
Temp. RangeRT+10℃~+80℃ (Adjustable)
Humidity Range≤85%R.H
Dust IngredientsComposed of 100% inorganic minerals, the content of 34%-40% silica (secondary angular structure quartz sand) is 0.2, and the hardness is 7°. 17%-23% is ferric oxide. 26%-32% is three oxidation of two aluminum. The rest are natural impurities.
Sand and Dust Particle Composition68% about10um、12% about 10-20um、14% about20-50um、6% about 50-75um.
Sand Concentration0.177g/m³ , 1.1±0.25g/m³ , 2.2±0.5g/m³  (Optional)
Dust Dosage2-4kg±7g/m³(can set and display)
Blowing Speed1~2m/s (Adjustable, can be set and display)
Air Velocity≤2m/s
Shock Time≥999h99min (Adjustable)
Blowing Time≥999h99min (Adjustable, Timing automatic control, control accuracy 1min)
Negative-pressure SystemPressure0~-2kpa ( can be set and controlled)*Air exhaust speed:≤60 times of the volume of air in the shell per hour. *Displayed the pressure in the testing chamber.
Testing Sectional AreaBlowing sand under the wind speed of 29m/s,the testing sectional area 1000*1000mm.
Control ModeHigh precision touch screen temperature and humidity controller(using direct-reading sensor for relative humidity)
Operation ModeFixed value, program operation mode.
Safety ProtectiveSafe and reliable grounding protection device; power supply under voltage and leakage protection; motor overload protection; blower motor overload protection;  safety interlocking device on the system.
OptionsVideo monitoring system